Presenting to Students? Uh-oh.

I get to make a presentation to kids! Uh-oh. Does that get your butterflies fluttering? Take a deep breath—a lot of the things that make good presentations for adults are good practices to use with students, too. Although there are a few tweaks you may want to employ. Based on my years as an educatorContinue reading “Presenting to Students? Uh-oh.”

Guest Authors and Smiling Faces (whether you can see them or not…)

For the first time in over a year (since Covid lockdowns), I was lucky enough to make an in-person guest author visit to a local school. We all had masks, there was a hand sanitizing station off to my left, and the teachers and I had all been vaccinated. To be honest, it was aContinue reading “Guest Authors and Smiling Faces (whether you can see them or not…)”