What Makes it Possible

I’ve heard that sharks need to keep moving, or they die. The same, I think, with writers. I make presentations as a guest author. I visit schools, connect with kids, share my love of words with others. And doing so is an absolute delight. But the “guest” part wouldn’t happen without the “author” part. So,Continue reading “What Makes it Possible”

Um, So What’s a Guest Author?

The term guest author can certainly be confusing. I mean, a guest chef will cook, a guest speaker will, well, speak. But a guest author doesn’t write, does he (or she)? Nope. But a guest author is kind of responsible for laying the foundation for writing (or reading) in his audience. If the guest authorContinue reading “Um, So What’s a Guest Author?”

Indigenous Peoples Day and My Ignorance and Journey

Today marks Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to celebrate the contributions of Native peoples to this great country. It’s also time to reflect upon the sad and horrific acts committed against this country’s Indigenous Peoples through the years. As a children’s author, I never thought I’d be writing about race and racism. Instead, I plannedContinue reading “Indigenous Peoples Day and My Ignorance and Journey”

COVID, Round 2

Well, another school year is here. And with it, so sadly, is the coronavirus. After believing that schools would finally be ready for normalcy (and, selfishly, that they’d be ready for accepting guest visits from authors), the mutating virus has thrown a health and safety wrench into yet another school year. Some school districts areContinue reading “COVID, Round 2”

Presenting to Students? Uh-oh.

I get to make a presentation to kids! Uh-oh. Does that get your butterflies fluttering? Take a deep breath—a lot of the things that make good presentations for adults are good practices to use with students, too. Although there are a few tweaks you may want to employ. Based on my years as an educatorContinue reading “Presenting to Students? Uh-oh.”

Guest Authors and Smiling Faces (whether you can see them or not…)

For the first time in over a year (since Covid lockdowns), I was lucky enough to make an in-person guest author visit to a local school. We all had masks, there was a hand sanitizing station off to my left, and the teachers and I had all been vaccinated. To be honest, it was aContinue reading “Guest Authors and Smiling Faces (whether you can see them or not…)”