COVID, Round 2

Well, another school year is here. And with it, so sadly, is the coronavirus.

After believing that schools would finally be ready for normalcy (and, selfishly, that they’d be ready for accepting guest visits from authors), the mutating virus has thrown a health and safety wrench into yet another school year.

Some school districts are doubling down on the mitigation efforts they used last year to stem the pandemic, and some are convinced that COVID doesn’t pose a serious risk to their students or communities.

In the meantime, I’ll be promoting my virtual guest author visits for another few months. And, along with everyone else, longing for that ever-elusive normalcy.

Stay safe, everybody.

Published by Curt Casetta (

I write children's books, and I entertain and inspire student writers. Book me for guest author visits, school assemblies, community gatherings. My book "Sophia Saves the Earth, A Story of Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day" was called "an inspiration to children everywhere" by Nelson's environmentalist daughter, Tia. Contact me at

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