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My controversial book here (from Trenton House Publishing)

“Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure: A Story of John Muir, Father of the National Parks” has Sophia taking a delightful trip back in time with prospector Big Red and his trusty mule, Jack, to learn about conservationist John Muir. Along the way she also learns how Native Americans were treated during Muir’s life and times. A fascinating book that will start necessary discussions!

If only one book about John Muir were to be selected for a discriminating picture book collection, it should beĀ “Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure” was a #1 Amazon Hot New Release!
A portion of a five-star review for children's author Curt Casetta's upcoming book, "Sophia discovers the Real Tresure, A Story of john Muir, Father of the National Parks." The reviewer calls the book a "Must read."
Paulette Reefer, Reedsy Discovery Reviews

Sophia Discovers the Real Treasure” will surely become a favorite with the young people in your life.

Lisa lickel, Wisconsin Writers association Book Review

Meet The Kids of Willow Lane!

Meet Benjamin-the kid with the world’s longest hair

Meet Megan-the kid who people always tell her she CAN’T

Meet Maya Mae-the kid who collects critters to prove she’s responsible

Meet Jimmy-the kid who’s strollin’ down the railroad track, just seein’ what there is to see

Cover of "The Kids of Willow Lane: Fun Poems by Curt Casetta," showing the smiling illustrated faces of four children in front of a row of houses and a street sign reading "Willow Lane,:
My book of fun, inspiring, kids’ poems!

A collection of silly, inspirational, and prize-winning poems about “just being yourself,” and never giving up.

Available now at


amazon.com or contact Curt: CasettaKids@yahoo.com

“An adorable and entertaining book!”

Children’s Author Brenda E. Cortez, Howl the Owl books

Maya Mae Robinson wanted a pet.
Her folks didn’t think she was quite ready yet.
“We don’t think you’re up to it,” mom and dad said.
“‘Cause even the plants that you water are dead.”

From Maya Mae Robinson, The kids of willow lane
For fun school, guest author assemblies, contact Curt Casetta: CasettaKids@yahoo.com
The picture shows an illustration of a smiling girl and a smiling, old prospector standing in a forest of giant sequoia trees. A real photo of children's author (and guest speaker for assemblies) peeks out from behind one of the trees.
Children’s author (and former educator)
Curt Casetta inspires your students to write!

Get in on the fun and inspiration!

Now scheduling Virtual Visits and In-Person Guest Author Small-Group Assemblies for the 2022-23 school year!

“an innate ability to capture students’ engagement…very inspiring.”

-Mr. P, K-5 Principal

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“I love this children’s book…an inspiration to children everywhere.”

Climate activist Tia Nelson, daughter of Earth Day founder Senator Gaylord Nelson, about Curt’s book, Sophia Saves the Earth: A Story of Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day

Color photos and drawn images… make the story of “Sophia Saves the Earth” exciting and immediate to young readers. “Sophia Saves the Earth” is a great gift to any child and also the future of the Earth.

Nancy Lorraine, Midwest Book Review, June, 2021

And read Curt’s Bluebell Saves the Day Adventure series! Hilarious (well, unless you’re Bluebell…)

Grades K-4, perfect for read-alouds!

“I LOVE the Bluebell books!”

“You have an awesome rhythm to your books that make them a delight to read out loud!”

“…they just keep getting better!”

Available exclusively at Amazon.com!

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Curt's guest author school visits are fun, inspirational, and engaging. Here, Curt is having a conversation with an eagle puppet.
Curt and his friend, Nelson

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Curt's guest author school visits are fun, inspirational, and engaging. Curt appears on a screen in front of a class of children.
Virtual visits are inspiring, informative, and, of course, fun

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Curt's book "Sophia Saves the Earth" celebrates Earth Day and inspires everyone to save the Earth! The illustration is of a smiling girl's face above a multi-colored banner reading "Earth Day" and including a drawing of the Earth.
Be a Sophia…Save the Earth!

Save the Earth

How do YOU save the Earth? Share it here. And check out cool links and videos about our Earth.

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Curt Casetta's guest author school visits are fun, inspirational, and engaging. Here, Curt, wearing sunglasses and a baseball-style hat, smiles, backed by water and a shoreline of trees.
“I’d love to visit sometime!”

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Curt’s an author, educator, performer, and journalist. He loves watching eagles soar and teaching his students the backwards ABCs. Contact Curt for school and library programs. Curt lives with his wife, Jodi, and their sometimes-mischievous cat, Bluebell, in West Bend, WI.